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Below is a list of all the briefing papers available for download within this section. Just click on the title of the papers you are intrested in below. Almost all documents should come as PDF documents and can be opened using Adobe Acrobat Reader which is free to download.

Title Date ublished
Implementing Service Charges in Wales February 2015
Asset Management in Local Authority Housingnd the December 2014 Housemark conference December 2014
Eco Homes September 2014
National Housing Federation Leaseholder and Tenant Service Charges Conference September 2014
Local Authorities, Development and the Borrowing Cap June 2014
Guidance on Rents for Social Housing June 2014
A New Housing Policy to meet the Housing Crisis May 2014
Scottish Local Authority Housing Income & Expenditure February 2014
Calculating Service Charges January 2014
Circular 8/95 December 2013
National Housing Federation Conferences on Service Charges December 2013
Autumn Statement 2013 and Housing December 2013
Supported Housing and Service Charges November 2013
Housing Transfer Manual November 2013
Voluntary Code for a Self-Financed Housing Revenue Account November 2013
Rents for Social Housing from 2015/16 November 2013
Local Authority Housing Finance in Wales October 2013
Local Authorities and Housing Development October 2013
Impact of welfare Reform on Claimants, Landlords and Local Authorities October 2013
Under-Occupation Penalty - Update September 2013
Under-Occupation Penalty - United Nations Special Report September 2013
Under-Occupation Penalty (Bedroom Tax) September 2013
Universal Credit August 2013
Scottish Local Authority Housing Revenue Accounts August 2013
Total Benefits Cap - Implementation August 2013
Accounting for Self-Financing August 2013
Housing Capital Programmes in English Local Authorities July 2013
Self-Financing Budgets and Business Plans July 2013
Local Authority Housing Investment and the Borrowing Cap June 2013
Housing Associations and Loan Finance June 2013
Rents and Service Charges May 2013
Welfare Reform and Housing Benefits in England May 2013
Welfare Reform and Housing Benefits in Scotland May 2013
Welfare Reform and Housing Benefits in Wales March 2013
Fexible Tenancies October 2012
Housing and Growth October 2013
Tenant Empowerment Programme 5 October, 2012
CLG Parliamentary Committee Report on Housing 17 August, 2012
The Social Housing Regulator - Regulatory Framework for 2012 21 June, 2012
Right to Transfer and Right to Manage Regulations 13 April, 2012
Reinvigorating Right to Buy and One to One Replacement 8 April, 2012
Reinvigorating Right to Buy 23 March, 2012
Right to Buy Consultation Paper 1 March, 2012
A Housing Strategy for England 2012 23 February, 2012
National Housing Federation Board Members Conference 26 October, 2011
Council and Community Owned (CoCo) Housing 24 October, 2011
Self Financing – Planning the Transition 1 August, 2011
The Future of Affordable Housing in the South Lakes by Mike Muir 5 April, 2011
Proposed Capital Finance arrangenments under the new Housing Finance system 29 March, 2011
Decent Homes Funding Awarded 17 March, 2011
Affordable Housing Programme Framework 2011-15 11 March, 2011
Implementing Self Financing for Council Housing 6 February, 2011
Welfare Benefit System and Housing 16 December, 2010
Council Housing Finance Settlement 2011-12 15 December, 2010
Leaseholder Service Charges 18 September, 2010
Housing Benefits 7 September, 2010
Comprehensive Spending Review - Recession and Deficit Reduction Plans - Implications for Housing 20 July, 2010
Council Housing A Real Future - AWICS Response 5 July, 2010
Local Authority Housing Finance in Wales 20 July, 2009

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