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Welcome to our e-newsletter: The ‘AWICS Wales News’. This e-newsletter provides news about public services, especially housing and local government, in Wales.

While our other e-newsletters, the ‘Public Services News’ and ‘AWICS Housing News’ will continue to include articles of interest to people in Wales, I think there is a need for a separate e-newsletter for Wales to reflect the unique political, legislative, regulatory, social and economic situation in Wales and the specific issues that arise.

We hope that you enjoy reading the e-newsletter. If you would like to give us feedback on this newsletter, or to submit an article or letter for publication, please contact Adrian at

May 2019

Our most recent edition is for May 2019 and includes articles on

  • Wales, Devolution and the United Kingdom
  • Review of Housing Supply leads to new Rent Settlement
  • Cardiff City Council's Dumballs Road Scheme based on Vastra Hamnen in Sweden
  • Welfare Reform: Impact in Wales
  • Wrexham Borough Council uses Prudential Borrowing to build new homes
  • Local Government Finance Settlement 2019/20
  • The United Kingdom Budget 2018 - The Implications for Wales
  • Welsh Local Authority Housing Finance

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December 2017

Our edition for December 2017 includes articles on

  • Service Charges at Denbighshire County Council
  • Funding Supported Housing
  • Local Government Finance Settlement
  • United Kingdom Budget 2017 and its implications for Wales
  • National Health Service Wales and 'Brexit'
  • Increased building of Affordable Homes
  • Community Housing Cymru calls for review of Affordable Housing
  • Vale of Glamorgan Council improves Sheltered Housing

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October 2017

Our edition for October 2017 includes articles on:

  • Prosperity for All
  • Welsh Government Calls for more devolution after Brexit
  • Local Government under Financial Pressure
  • Welsh Government to review Social Rents
  • De-Pooling Service Charges
  • Increased Housing Association Development
  • Vale of Glamorgan Council – Community Infrastructure and Affordable Housing
  • Pobl builds ‘Power Station Homes’
  • Tenants to have stronger role in Newport City Homes

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July 2017

Our edition for July 2017 includes articles on:

  • Welsh First Minister sets out legislative priorities
  • Concordat puts People at the Heart of Social Care Commissioning
  • New Regulatory Framework for Housing Associations in Wales
  • Service Charges in Wales
  • Landfill Disposals Tax Bill Passed
  • Denbighshire Council reviews Homelessness Services
  • Wrexham Council implements Welsh Housing Quality Standard
  • Development of New Homes

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April 2017

Our edition for April 2017 includes articles on:

  • The Abolition of the Right to Buy and Associated Rights (Wales) Bill
  • The Implications of Brexit for Wales and Public Services
  • Local Government Reform in Wales
  • Autumn Statement 2016 and Budget 2017
  • The Welsh Budget 2017/18
  • Funding Supported Housing
  • Housing News in Wales
  • AWICS Seminars
  • Advertisement - Infobase Cymru
  • About AWICS

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September 2016

Our edition for September 2016 includes articles on:

  • Wales and Brexit
  • Welsh Government faces three-year funding reductions
  • Calls for Welsh Government to invest in Housing
  • Tax Devolution Budget Shortfall for Wales
  • Housing Benefit powers could tackle poverty in Wales
  • Six figure boost for more co-operative homes in Wales
  • Welsh integration of health and social care
  • Welsh Government consults on Social Housing Rent Standard and Guidance
  • AWICS holds seminar on Service Charges

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May 2016

Our May 2016 edition includes articles on:

  • Wales Bill
  • The Welsh Budget
  • Expert commission urges funding shake up for Welsh councils
  • Welsh Housing Investment
  • Welsh Government to update Welsh Housing Quality Standard
  • Housing in Wales update
  • Service Charges in Wales
  • Wrexham Council to invest £54million in housing improvement
  • Denbighshire Council to end 'right to buy'
  • Community Housing Cymru, Sheltered Housing and Welfare Reform
  • Heritage in Wales

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January 2016

Our January 2016 edition includes articles on:

  • Latest statistics show the value of housing associations to the Welsh economy
  • Review into finance of local government in Wales launched. Release of draft Wales Bill
  • Responses to the Spending Review
  • A Picture of Public Services Reclassification of English Housing Associations may affect Wales
  • Welsh Government takes action to increase affordable housing
  • Welsh Government decides against rent cut
  • Seminars and Webinars

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August 2015

Our third edition was for August 2015. it includes articles on:

  • Welfare Reform and Work Bill
  • Rent reductions in Wales - what if?
  • Community Projects set to celebrate as Minister announces £1.6million boost
  • Welsh Government introduces 'rent smart' programme
  • Homelessness prevention success in Wales
  • Social housing stock in Wales - new statistics released
  • Public Service Reform
  • Client updates: Denbighshire County Council & Wrexham Borough Council AWICS Webinars

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July 2015

Our second edition was for July 2015. It includes articles on:

  • Global accounts of social housing providers in Wales show drop in net surplus
  • Welsh councils respond well to financial stress
  • Update on self-financing in Wales
  • Renting Homes Bill
  • Towards the abolition of 'Right to Buy' in Wales
  • Introduction of Service Charges in Wales
  • House building increases in Wales
  • Client updates: Wrexham Borough Council and Denbighshire County Council

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February 2015

Our first edition was for February 2015. It included articles on:

  • Implementing Self-Financing in Wales
  • The role of Welsh Housing Associations
  • Welfare Reform in Wales
  • Reform of Right to Buy
  • Denbighshire Council forced to cut budget
  • Risk Management in Social Housing

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Denbighshire Council’s Housing Offices in Rhyl – one of the stock holding authorities in Wales where AWICS has assisted with implementing self-financing.

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