‘AWICS’ is a management consultancy and training company. We specialise in providing support in finance, management and policy to clients who provide public services especially in local government and housing. We are well known for our ability to analyse and explain complex financial, management and policy issues clearly.

‘AWICS’ was formed in 1998 by Adrian Waite; and became a Private Limited Company on 15th February 1999.

Passionate about Public Services

Adrian Waite entered local government service in 1981 because he was convinced of the importance of public services in our society. Local authorities and other public services such as the National Health Service, Housing Associations and voluntary bodies; provide the infrastructure that we all need; services that are essential to protect the vulnerable; and services that have the potential to unlock opportunities for everyone.

To achieve this, public services need to have good governance, be focused on customers and outcomes, have good financial management and deliver value for money.

As a senior officer in local government, Adrian became convinced of the need for management consultants and advisors who support public services to develop a new approach. That is why he originally decided to establish a new 'ethical' management consultancy. With the advent of 'austerity' in 2010 the need for such an ethical approach has become even greater.

Adrian is passionate about helping clients to deliver excellent public services that are focused on outcomes and the needs and aspirations of people.

AWICS Business Philosophy

Our mission statement is ‘Independence, Integrity, Value’. We therefore provide services from an independent standpoint that is designed to help the client to achieve their objectives. We are passionate about working with the utmost integrity. We believe that we offer the best value for money that is available today! We are big enough to make a difference – but are small enough to care!

Ethical Management includes addressing the ‘four Ps’ of Purpose, People, Planet and Probity. Purpose is about balancing profitability with offering great value for money to clients and helping them to achieve their complex objectives. People is about our obligations to all individuals who work with us as clients, staff or suppliers. Planet is about environmental sustainability. Probity is about upholding our standards as expected in the best public service organisations. This is not to say that 'AWICS' is a not-for-profit organisation. 'AWICS' is a commercial company but it is a commercial company that puts principles first.

'AWICS' is committed to equal opportunities and environmental protection.

Good Governance

‘AWICS’ is a well-run Private Limited Company that observes high standards of governance and treats all clients, staff, suppliers and other business contacts with respect.

In 1995, the Government adopted the seven principles of public life as drafted by Lord Nolan. These seven principles of public life apply to anyone who works as a public office-holder and are also embraced by ‘AWICS’ as appropriate as an ethical management consultancy. They are:

  • Selflessness.
  • Integrity.
  • Objectivity.
  • Accountability.
  • Openness.
  • Honesty.
  • Leadership.

‘AWICS’ is pleased to support clients in achieving good governance.

Focus on Customers and Outcomes

The ‘AWICS’ business philosophy is based on a focus on customers and outcomes. We look to develop and maintain long-term relationships with customers that add real value to the customer’s business as well as to ours. Our focus when working with a client is on helping them to achieve their own objectives and outcomes for their own customers. Our own resources are organised in an efficient and effective way to support this. We strive to consult clients about their changing requirements so that we can develop services that improve continuously and meet their changing needs.

As Management Consultants, we often support clients with Business Planning. Business Plans are important as a way of identifying strategic objectives that are focused on customers and outcomes; and then organising all the resources of the organisation to achieve them. Whether our role is in facilitating the identification of strategic objectives or preparing detailed financial projections we are pleased to assist the process of achieving excellent outcomes for customers.

‘AWICS’ is passionate about empowering people. That is why we are passionate about providing information through our publications, blog, newsletters, briefing papers and other elements of our information service. That is why we are passionate about providing training through our seminars, in-house training and webinars. That is why we are pleased to offer an independent tenants’ and residents’ advice service. We believe that if people – whether they are Councillors, Board Members, Managers, Accountants, Front Line Staff, Residents or whoever - are more informed and better trained they will take better decisions and more likely to achieve excellent outcomes.

Good Financial Management and Value for Money

The Chartered Institute of Finance & Accountancy has said that:

“Good financial management is the foundation of every good organisation.”

‘AWICS’ certainly agrees that good financial management is one of the foundations of a good organisation. Even with the best of intentions, an organisation will fall short of its potential if it has inadequate financial management.

Value for Money was defined by the Audit Commission as securing the optimum balance between the three Es:

  • Economy – acquiring inputs of a good quality at a reasonable price.
  • Efficiency – organising resources to achieve a high level of productivity.
  • Effectiveness – achieving the tangible and intangible outcomes that are required for customers.

We are passionate about practising and promoting good financial management and Value for Money. We do this by providing management consulting advice and assistance and by empowering people through providing information and training. Good financial management involves prudence but it also involves ‘thinking outside the box’ and organising resources effectively to enable an organisation to achieve its objectives.

At ‘AWICS’ we also practice the principles of good financial management and value for money internally so that we can offer our clients the best value for money that is available today.


Adrian Waite. Managing Director of AWICS

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