About our International Services

AWICS offer our full range of consultancy and training services to all those who provide public services - including public authorities and private and voluntary bodies throughout Europe and the world. This includes:

  • Management Consultancy Advice and Assistance
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Training

Example: South Africa

An example of our international service is provided by the support that Adrian Waite provided to the Applied Fiscal Research Centre (AFReC) (Pty) Ltd. The Applied Fiscal Research Centre (AFReC) (Pty) Ltd is affiliated to the University of Cape Town and specialises in executive training and consulting in public finance management. In light of the imperative for building financial management capacity in Southern Africa, AFReC in partnership with the Graduate School of Business and the Commonwealth Secretariat introduced the Public Finance Management (PFM) Programmes for capacity building in the South African public sector. These programmes cover:

  • Macroeconomic (fiscal and monetary) policy coordination
  • Intergovernmental fiscal relations.
  • Budget reform and financial management.
  • Sector-specific financial management.
  • Fiscal and Financial quantitive modelling and forecasting.

Adrian has supported this programme by providing a series of interactive lectures for elected representatives and public officials in South African local and regional government on a variety of management and financial topics including public financial management and business planning.

Example: European Union

Adrian Waite has knowledge and experience of the operation of the European Union. At Staffordshire County Council he was the lead officer for the County's European Regional Development Fund and European Social Fund programmes; and at Copeland Borough Council he was responsible for the financial management of the same programmes in Copeland including the regeneration of Whitehaven. For some years Adrian was a member of the European Panel at the Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy and wrote several of the sections of their Guide to the European Union that is part of their Technical Information Service.

Example: Management Accounting

As an examinar in management accounting with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy (CIPFA), Adrian set and marked examination papers for CIPFA's international accountancy qualifications. These examinations were held in many countries in Africa, America, Asia and Europe.

Briefing Papers

Briefing papers on European and International issues can be found by clicking HERE

Further Information

For further information please contact Adrian Waite at or telephone 44-017683-51498.


To view our briefing papers on European and International issues please click HERE


South Africa: Cape Town University

Adrian Waite provided training and lectures here for South African regional and local government representatives on public financial administration.

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