Management Consultancy Services: Housing Associations

Housing Associations are faced with rising demand for affordable housing and constrained resources.

We have recently assisted our clients with management consulting advice and assistance with:

  • Housing Association Mergers
  • Forming a new Housing Association
  • Value for Money Reviews
  • Business Planning, Accounting and Budgeting
  • Service Charges for Leaseholders and Tenants
  • Development and Delivery of Training Programmes
  • Options Appraisals, Transfers and Restructures

These are examples of the management consulting services that we offer to housing associations in all parts of the United Kingdom. For more information please contact Adrian Waite on

Housing Association Mergers

AWICS is able to support housing associations that are either considering or implementing a merger.

For example, we have recently assisted two London housing associations with preparing a business plan and a business care for merger.

For more information about the management consulting support that we can provide for housing association mergers please click HERE

Forming a New Housing Association

We are able to assist organisations that are wishing to form a new Housing Association and to register as a Registered Provider.

For example, we recently assisted in the formation of a new housing association that will specialise in providing long-term supported housing by preparing a rent policy, business plan and application for registration with the Homes & Communities Agency.

In preparing the rent policy we researched market and sub-market rents and evaluated options including social, affordable and other sub-market rents. In preparing the business plan we analysed strategic options, prepared financial forecasts for four business options and carried out risk analysis, sensitivity analysis and stress testing. The Business Plan demonstrated viability, value for money and capacity for development.

We also offer a webinar on 'How to register a new Housing Association'. For further information or to make a booking, please click here.

Value for Money Reviews

Housing Associations are faced with rising demand for affordable housing and constrained resources. We believe that value for money is most likely to be achieved where there is a focus on the needs and aspirations of customers and a rigorous review of systems and costs.

Our experience in management consulting, strategic management, housing finance, business plans and residents’ advice makes us well placed to consider value for money.

We have recently carried out a Value for Money review for Severnside Housing Association. This included considering: an evaluation of the value for money for major works; indirect market testing of responsive repairs and elements of planned and major works; out of hours repair reporting; variations; repairs policy; service standards; missed appointments; interface between major works and voids teams; installation of major works; operational structures and staffing arrangements and improvements in cost and productivity generally.

Business Planning, Accounting and Budgeting

Housing Association finance is a specialist area and our management consultants are able to offer specialist advice and practical assistance with business planning, accounting and budgeting.

We have recently assisted three housing associations in London with the preparation of business plans and with preparing a business case for a merger.

For more information about business planning please click HERE

Service Charges for Leaseholders and Tenants

The calculation and management of service charges for leaseholders and tenants can be complex.

We have advised a number of housing associations on service charges including:

  • Calico Housing Association on the introduction of new service charges for Intensive Housing Management.
  • YMCA London Southwest on the calculation of service charges.

We have provided in-house training to a number of housing associations on service charges including: St. Vincent's Housing Association, SHAL Housing Association, Two Castles Housing Association and Valleys to Coast Housing Association.

Adrian Waite has been a guest speaker at National Housing Federation conferences on service charges.

We have advised Teresa Peace MP, currently the Shadow Minister for Housing, on issues connected with service charges in Thamesmead in her constituency.

For more information about the management consulting advice and support we offer on service charges please click HERE

Development and Delivery of Training Programmes

It is essential that housing managers, board members and tenant representatives have a working knowledge of how housing association finance works.

As well as our regional seminars and in-house courses we are able to evaluate your training needs and design a training programme to suit your needs.

For further information on our regional seminars please follow the links below:

We recently provided in-house training for Bro Myrddin Housing Association. For further information on in-house training opportunities please follow the link below:

Options Appraisals: Transfers and Re-structures

We are available to assist Housing Associations with options appraisals for transfers or re-structures.

We advised Community Trust Housing in Lambeth on options for the future when its parent association proposed a collapse of the group structure.

Impact Housing Association has established a commercial subsidiary while Adrian Waite has been Chair.

We worked with Circle Anglia Housing Association on the stock transfer in Fenland that resulted in the creation of Roddons Housing Association as a subsidiary. We worked with the Walsall Alliance of Tenant Management Organisations (WATMOS) and Lambeth Alliance of Tenant Management Organisations (LATMOS) on the stock transfer of the Ethelred, Magdalen and Thorlands estates from Lambeth Borough Council to WATMOS.

We are able to assist with options appraisal, financial modelling and the preparation of business plans for stock transfers, mergers of housing associations, re-structures of housing associations or subsidiary associations that may wish to leave a group structure to become a stand-alone housing association.

Information Leaflet

For further information about our management consulting and other services for housing associations please click HERE

Adrian Waite and Impact Housing Association

Adrian Waite meets David Orr of the National Housing Federation at the Eden Rural Foyer

Between 2009 and 2015 Adrian was a member of the Board of Impact Housing Association and from 2011 to 2015 was Chair. As Chair of Impact Housing Association, Adrian steered the Association through a period of significant change in which the top-down target-driven approach of the audit commission was replaced with localism and light touch inspection. This involved developing an approach based on a customer focus and value for money . Specific achievements include a staffing review that resulted in a 17% efficiency gain, winning an increased number of Supporting People contracts, developing models to deliver new build without grant, trebling the size of the development programme, developing services for young people including foyers, developing extra care housing for the elderly and increasing resident involvement. The Association gained 'gold' status from Investors in People with the assessment showing that the collaborative style of the Board is a strength. The Homes & Communities Agency rated the Association as G1 for governance and V1 for viabilty while Adrian was Chair.

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More Information on Housing Associations

More information on housing associations is freely available on our website. Please follow the links below:

YMCA East London at Walthamstow.

AWICS assisted YMCA East London and YMCA London Sourthwest in preparing business plans and a business case for a merger. The merger has now occurred and is successful.


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