Comprehensive Spending Review, Recession and Deficit Reduction Plans:

July 2010

This paper was written in July 2010 and looked forward to the government’s 2010 comprehensive spending review with particular reference to the implications for housing.

The Comprehensive Spending Review of 2007 set out the government’s financial priorities, budgets and performance management arrangements for the years 2008/09 to 2010/11. It included increasedprovision for housing – especially for new build – and a more devolved approach to the management of local authority finance.

The recession has increased homelessness and the need for affordable housing while constraining the ability of housing associations to deliver. It has also led to a significant increasein public borrowing.

In view of the increased publicborrowing it was generally considered that the next Comprehensive Spending Review, which was due in 2010, will feature significant reductions inexpenditure.

The 2010 Comprehensive Spending Review was expected to concentrate on making reductions in public expenditurein response to the need to repay public debt that had increased during therecession.

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