National Housing Federation Board Members Conference

October 2011

The National HousingFederation (North) held a conference for Board Members in Liverpool on 19thOctober 2011. Adrian Waite attended the conference as a representative ofImpact Housing. This paper summarises the proceedings of the conference.

The role of the NationalHousing Federation is to make representations to politicians for the benefit ofhousing associations and their tenants, to support and promote the work ofhousing associations and to campaign for better housing and neighbourhoods.

There is legislation on the‘big society’, energy, welfare and localism. The legislation will be followedby regulations. Benefit reforms will hit housing association ‘bottom lines’.There are 700,000 housing association tenants with the preserved right to buybut the short-term effects of government announcements are not expected to besignificant. Housing has become more political and politicians (including localpoliticians) are interested in housing.

Housing was not a big issueduring the general election but is now a big issue. It is interesting thatDavid Cameron talks of building more homes while Ed Miliband talks about makingchoices and giving homes to those who show responsibility.

Communities & localGovernment will publish its housing strategy in November 2011. The Localismbill will create elected Mayors in Liverpool, Manchester and other cities.There will be a democratic filter in unresolved complaints about housing involvingmembers of parliament and councillors – it is difficult to see why this isnecessary as the existing system has worked well and has not been criticised.Local authorities will have a general competency power. Local authority tenancystrategies will have an impact on lettings.

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