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'AWICS' provides Independent Tenants' & Residents' Advice from an objective viewpoint for housing stock options appraisals, changes in management arrangements, housing stock transfer, regeneration schemes, capacity building and other projects.

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Purpose of an Independent Tenants’ & Residents' Advisor

It is an Independent Tenants' & Residents' Advisor’s responsibility to provide independent and impartial advice to tenants and residents on stock option appraisals, stock transfers and other matters. They ensure that tenants and residents get access to all the information they require and are able to make informed decisions about the future of their homes.

Independent Tenants’ & Residents' Advisors also work to ensure that tenants and residents are well informed of what is going on. They check that the information presented to tenants and residents is accurate, complete, clear and understandable. They also clarify any queries that tenants or residents may have.

Independent Tenants’ & Residents' Advisors typically advise tenants and residents through newsletters, meetings, freephone helplines, websites, social media and emails.


Current ITA Work for Residents of Sheerwater, Woking

AWICS has been appointed as Independent Tenants' Advisor for the tenants of Sheerwater in Woking.

Flats at Sheerwater, Woking

Plans to transform Sheerwater were approved by Woking Borough Council on Thursday 6th April 2017. By using the existing sense of community, the regeneration provides an exciting opportunity to create a thriving, balanced and sustainable community for the future that meets the housing needs of residents.

The regeneration will allow local people of all ages to benefit from high quality new homes, excellent leisure and retail facilities, open green spaces and improved transport links, as well as a local centre that blends social, retail, recreation and community uses.

It will also provide economic benefits for local people and businesses by offering local job opportunities and ensuring that much of the money spent on the scheme is spent with local companies.

A wide range of house types will ensure a choice of modern, spacious, energy efficient homes that are economic to maintain, and flexible enough to satisfy diverse and changing needs.

For more information about our work as Independent Tenants' Advisor for Sheerwater, please click here


Current ITA Work for Residents of Summerhill Grove, Newcastle on Tyne

AWICS has been appointed as Independent Tenants' Advisor for the Riverside Group tenants of Summerhill Grove in Newcastle on Tyne.

For more information about our work as Independent Tenants' Advisor for Summerhill Grove, please click here.


Current ITA Work for Residents of Co-op Homes at Carnwath Road, Fulham

AWICS has been appointed as Independent Tenants' Advisor for the tenants of Co-op Homes at Carnwath Road in Fulham.

We can be contacted on our freephone helpline at 0800-321-3054 or by email at

For more information about our work as Independent Tenants' Advisor for Carnwath Road, please click here.


Recent ITA Work for Lambeth Residents

AWICS recently provided Independent Tenants' Advice to tenants of thre estates in Lambeth where a tenant-led housing stock transfer proposal was under consideration: The transfer was proposed by the Lambeth Alliance of Tenant Management Organisations (LATMOS) that included the TMOs from the Ethelred, Magdalen and Thorllands estates. To find out more, please follow the link below:

We also carried out a housing stock options appraisal for residents of the Wellington Mills estate who wished to consider options including a tenant-led stock transfer.

When Lambeth Borough Council proposed the regeneration of Cressingham Gardens, we advised residents of the implications of all the options including refurbishment, partial redevelopment and full redevelopment.

Recent ITA Work for Havering Residents

AWICS recently provided Independent Tenants' & Residents' Advice to residents in Havering where the Council was asking tenants and leaseholders whether Homes in Havering should continue to manage and maintain council homes or whether the Council itself should be responsible. Following the consultation it was decided to bring the management of council housing in-house. To find out more, please follow the link below:

Recent ITA Work for Fenland Residents

Fenland District Council, led by tenants, undertook a rigorous Stock Options Appraisal (called Options Fenland) that was submitted and signed off by the Community Housing Task Force (part of the government) before the 31st July 2005 deadline. During this appraisal we provided indpendent advice to tenants and residents.

The recommendation following the appraisal was to commence a proposal to transfer as it was the only ownership and management option that could meet the aspirational standard set by the tenants (called the Fenland Standard) that AWICS had helped to develop.

Prior to making this recommendation an extensive pool of opinion was undertaken in May 2005 on the viewpoint of the tenant led working group that transfer would best meet tenants' needs for the future. Analysis of the results showed that of the 27% who responded 51.8% percent were in favour of transfer.

During the Options Appraisal process the 'Options Fenland Working Group' published reports that can be downloaded from here: Options Apprasial Final Report

As the ITA for Fenland we also produced a final report detailing our findings from our involvement and a copy of this report can be downloaded from here: Final Report of the ITA.

To read a summary of the Fenland ITA work undertaken by AWICS click here.

Tenant & Resident Engagement at Impact Housing Association

While Adrian Waite was on the Board of Impact Housing Assocation he was the 'Resident Engagement Champion' on the Board. As Champion and then as Chair he encouraged tenant and resident engagement including the estalishment of a Tenants' and Residents' Association (TARA) and the appointment of tenant members of the Board.

Thorlands in Lambeth where AWICS advised residents on the implications of a tenant-led stock transfer. Tenants voted for the transfer that has now occurred and is a success.

As Independent Tenants' & Residents' Advisors we sometimes work with vulnerable adults or children. To view or download our Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and Children Policy, please click HERE


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