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Independent Tenants' Advisor


We have been appointed as the Independent Tenants’ Advisors for Summerhill Grove in Newcastle on Tyne, where the Riverside Group has begun a consultation with residents about building problems. The two consultants working on the project are:

  • Adrian Waite, Managing Director
  • Alex Rocke, Associate Consultant

We will be available for the duration of the consultation period to provide independent advice and guidance to customers. We can be contacted via:

Customer Consultation

The customer consultation on the investment options on 3 & 4 Summerhill Grove begun on 5th December 2023 and will end on 19th January 2024.

The aim of the consultation process is to allow time and space for customers to tell Riverside about their concerns regarding their homes and the whole building, including communal areas.

A drop-in session will be available on Monday 11th December between 4-6pm at the Summerhill Bowling Club, Summerhill Pavilion & Gardens, Winchester Terrace, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE4 6EH. Representatives from Housing, Assets, Community Engagement and Alex Rocke will be available should you wish to discuss any matters.

Riverside’s Proposals

Riverside wish to provide quality homes that are decent in accordance with their regulatory obligations, safe, warm and affordable for tenants. They are committed to doing so and take their responsibilities very seriously and do not retreat from making considerable investment in their properties, when appropriate.

They strive to do better and are trying to gain a balanced picture considering the impact on their residents living at 3 and 4 Summerhill Grove. They would like to understand the challenges of keeping residents’ property comfortably warm when considering the size and height of the rooms coupled with the commercial element of the significant expenditure required.

Initial expenditure of approximately £200,000 has already been committed and is progressing on site. These works are to prevent water ingress and consist of an internal camera drainage survey and associated works to assist with the removal of standing water to the front and rear elevations. The works include:

  • Roof works, lead lining Finlock gutters, creating wider, higher and new gutters, rainwater pipes, and works to chimneys.
  • New detail to dormer windows.
  • Increased ventilation and new extractor fans.
  • Damp remediation including lime plastering.
  • New kitchen / tiling (where required).
  • New / refurbished windows (where required),
  • Boiler / heating installation (where required).
  • Making good and decoration (where required).

Longer term there is a budget expenditure requirement of approximately £1million (subject to market tendering and conservation permissions) to bring the condition of the properties to meet Riverside’s standard. The works include:

  • Replacement of the existing pointing with lime-based mortar joints.
  • Remove existing painted render and replace with suitable breathable alternative.
  • Repoint entrance steps to limit water ingress below.
  • Install damp proof course (DPC) to the solid partition internal walls as required.
  • Removal of damp plaster and installation of appropriate damp proof membranes and/or newton lining systems.
  • Demolish and re-build damaged sections of partition between the storage rooms and meter cupboards.
  • Removal of defective plaster in the communal space leading to the rear garden and re-plaster with a breathable lime-based plaster.
  • Open both chimneys at lower levels and remove all debris then block up openings and supply and fit ventilation grilles.
  • Fire safety works including new fire doors/fire compartmentation/smoke and heat detection and consideration of a new fire alarm system.
  • Thermal improvements to increase efficiency e.g. wall insulation/ roof insulation/new and/or reconditioned windows/new heating installations.
  • New kitchens.
  • New bathrooms.
  • Potential rewiring works.
  • Ventilation strategy with new kitchen and bathroom extractor fans.
  • Internal door replacements.

Considering the above Riverside would like to understand residents’ views on the different aspects of the work they believe is necessary versus the competing demands and restrictions of what is permitted due to the conservation status of the building. These include ongoing concerns regarding EPC ratings and costs for customers to heat their homes.

In addition, Riverside are considering the viability of investment into the two basement flats 3a and 4a, which includes the option of an alternative tanking method. It is our initial opinion that despite investment, these two flats would remain prone to damp and mould and be uneconomical to heat. Therefore, decommissioning the two properties will be considered taking into consideration customer feedback from Summerhill Grove customers. This means they would no longer be used as residential properties. However, no final decision has been made and we welcome your views.

Riverside Contacts

To aid the consultation process and our communications, the Riverside Group has developed a microsite that can be accessed via the following link:

Their webpage is designed to provide real-time updates to customers and other key stakeholders on progress of the consultation and improvement works and answer frequently asked questions.

Riverside would also like residents to share their views by completing a survey. All residents have received a copy and it can also be completed online using the following link:

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