Budgets and Financial Management in the Public Sector for Non-Financial People - Publication

This book is intended for those who are not experts in budgets and financial management in the public sector but who want to gain an overview of the subject.

“Good Financial Management is like fresh air, exercise and a healthy diet. Organisations need it every day to stay fit and to live a full and active life.” – According to the Financial Skills Advisory Panel.

Whether you are a non-Financial Manager, a Councillor or Board Member or are otherwise involved or interested in budgets and financial management in the public sector or even a member of a Finance Team, you could benefit from reading this book.

Financial issues, including budgets and financial management, are often seen as complicated and ‘dry’ but really they are not! It is important that people understand financial issues. How can a manager working in a government department, Local Authority, the Health Service, a Housing Association or another public body carry out their responsibilities effectively if they do not have at least a basic knowledge of how the finances work? The same can be said for Councillors and Board Members in public bodies. Understanding budgets and financial management means understanding where an organisation gets its income from, what it spends its money on, what assets it owns, what it owes and the constraints within which it operates is important in understanding every aspect of the organisation.

This guide is designed for people who are not experts in finance, but who want to understand the basics of budgets and financial management. It is not a technical guide and neither does it provide step by step instructions for people who need to prepare budgets or carry out financial management functions. It is designed to be a useful introduction and companion to this complex and important subject.

What the Book Covers:

  • Introduction
  • Public Finances
  • Financial Governance
  • Preparing Budgets
  • Budgetary Control and Monitoring
  • Costing Systems
  • A Cost Centre Budget
  • Critical Analysis of a Budget Proposal
  • Preparing and Using Financial Management Information
  • Financial Management
  • Final Accounts
  • Value for Money
  • Extracts from the Financial Regulations of a Local Authority
  • Glossary of Terms

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