Arms Length Management Organisations: Freedoms, Flexiblities and the Future - Publication

This is a useful 100 page guide that looks at the progress of arms length management organisations in achieving the decent homes standard and at their future role. This includes reference to the 2007 Housing Green Paper and the 2007 Comprehensive Spending Review. Withdrawal from the housing revenue account subsidy system and participation in new build of affordable housing are also considered. It is designed for people with some knowledge of local authority housing but they need not be experts.

Some Arms Length Management Organisations are managing significant Decent Homes Programmes; others are completing theirs, while other authorities are awaiting the government’s decision on their Arms Length Management bids. The Government has pledged to create more affordable homes and Councils with Arms Length Management Organisations can now bid in the National Affordable Housing Programme and some have already pre-qualified for bidding. Yvette Cooper, the Housing Minister has said that the government wants councils to become involved in the building of new homes through arms length management organisations.

The Housing Green Paper of July 2007 proposes that there be more flexibility for councils and arms length management organisations to be able to build homes where it delivers sufficient value for money, either alone or in partnership. This includes through receipt of housing corporation funds, retention of rent and capital receipts and extension of eligibility for social housing grant to two star arms length management organisations. It also proposes that Councils establish Local Housing Companies to develop new affordable housing and that existing homes should be made "greener".

Government has promised "freedoms and flexibilities" for Arms Length Management Organisations. There have been studies on the implications of leaving the Housing Subsidy system. The Efficiency Agenda will be developed further as part of the 2007 Comprehensive Spending Review. Partnership and Collaboration are favoured. Arms Length Management Organisations that have completed decent homes work are down-sizing and diversifying. So - What does the future hold for Arms Length Management Organisations?

Whether you are in an Arms Length Management Organisation, Local Authority with an Arms Length Management Organisation or a Government Office; whether you are a Board Member, Housing Manager, Tenant Representative, Elected Member, a member of the Housing Finance Team, or anyone else with an interest in Arms Length Management Organisations you could benefit from reading this book.

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