All You Want to Know about Local Authority Housing Finance 2019


This book gives an introduction and overview of local authority housing finance in England and answers the following questions:

  • How does the Housing Revenue Account work?
  • How does the Housing General Fund work?
  • How does the Housing Capital Programme work?
  • What is going on in the world of local authority housing finance?
  • What are the Financial Opportunities and Threats for Local Authority Housing?
It is comprehensive and refers to the Housing Revenue Account, Rents, Service Charges, Self-Financing, Capital Programmes, Right to Buy, Development, Prudential Borrowing, Housing Benefit, Welfare Reform, Strategic Housing, Arms’ Length Management, Private Finance Initiative, Business Planning and much more. The session is fully up to date and refers to the recent social housing green paper; the lifting of the ‘borrowing cap’; policy on ‘right to buy’ receipts; and setting of rents based on the consumer prices index plus 1% a year after 2020.

How can a person be effective as a housing manager, councillor, member of an arms-length management organisation board, or tenant representative if they do not have a good basic understanding of local authority housing finance?

The book is designed for people who are not experts in housing finance, but who need to understand the basics and achieve an overview of what is going on. It is suitable for councillors, housing managers, tenant representatives, finance staff who have limited experience of local authority housing finance and others who realise that an understanding of housing finance can place them at an advantage!

This book is excellent value at £30 plus £3.25 postage and packing. It includes 100 pages and was published in 2019. To order a copy please click the 'order now' button below.

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