All You Want to Know about Local Authority Finance 2017 - Seminar

June / November 2017

Local Government is going through a period of significant change. There has been a significant and ongoing reduction in funding for local authorities since 2010 and this is requiring a fundamental redesign of how authorities are organised and services are delivered. The coalition government passed the Localism Act that promoted local decision making and abolished most ring-fenced grants. The coalition government started the localisation of business rates that is expected to be completed in 2019/20 and revenue support grant is being phased out.

In the current climate, a working knowledge of local authority finance will put you and your colleagues in a position of advantage.

This seminar is a useful introduction and overview of this important subject and covers revenue and capital finance, the changes that the government is making and how local authorities are responding to this challenging agenda.

Whether you are in a London Borough, Metropolitan, Unitary, County or District Council or otherwise involved in local government; whether you are an Elected Member, Non-Financial Manager, or even a member of the Finance Team, you could benefit from our seminar at which you will learn: “All You Want to Know About Local Authority Finance”

The session will answer the following questions:
  • How do Local Government Finances work?
  • How does Local Government fund its Capital Programmes?
  • What are the Implications of Localism, Austerity and the Government’s other reforms?
  • What are the Financial Opportunities for Local Authorities?
The session is accompanied by a very useful 100-page book that is designed for reference after the session entitled:“All You Want to Know About Local Authority Finance 2017”

Venues and Dates:

  • London: Novotel Hotel, Waterloo – 27th June 2017.
  • North: Novotel Hotel, Leeds – 21st November 2017.

At the London session the price is £250 plus £50 Value Added Tax, a total of £300. At the Leeds session the price is £195 plus £39 Value Added Tax, a total of £234.


Leeds Civic Hall

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