Training Course on Strategic Application of Business Planning


The course is aimed at managers in smaller voluntary bodies and social enterprises. It sets out a simple approach to Business Planning, and the development of a Business (and related) Plans.


This course will include coverage on:

  • What is the organisation?
  • What are the aims and goals of the organistation?
  • Who are its users and customers?
  • What products and services will it offer and to whom?
  • How will new products and services be developed?
  • How will those products be marketed and promoted?
  • How will products be sold and / or contracts negotiated?
  • How will the organisation ensure products / services are delivered to the quality promised?
  • Where are the numbers?
  • How will performance be evaluated, reviewed and controlled?
  • Understanding procurement issues
  • Business Planning and Strategy Development
  • Customer involvement
  • Setting sensible project targets and deadlines
  • Tools and methodologies to assist you
  • Developing statergies, objectives
  • Action Planning


Delegates will be well placed to produce effective business plans.

Who Should Attend

Managers in small voluntry bodies and social enterprises who need to deal with producing and implementing business plans.

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