Managing Meetings Effectively


How often do you attend meetings that are a ‘total waste of all our time’! The meeting was disorganised, out of control, ran on for far too long and with no positive conclusions or actions! This seminar provides you with the tools for the effective management of meetings with a clear, practical approach for your organisation to save time and increase teamwork productivity.


This course will include coverage on:

  • Research, preparation and planning
  • Controlling progress
  • Maximising the time and the opportunity
  • Identifying potential clashes and conflicts
  • Handling difficult situations; being assertive
  • ‘Win Win’ - Achieving everyone’s objectives
  • Effective follow-up and ensuring positive actions


Delegates will be able to better plan for meetings so they can maximise the effecitivness of the session and ensure that they can clearly present information for others to understand.

Who Should Attend

The workshop is for senior managers who are responsible for managing a team, initiative or project.

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