Inovation and Problem Solving


The effectiveness and success of your organisation relies heavily on the thinking process and entrepreneurship of your team. It is important with dynamic organisations to be innovative or we stagnate and become less effective.

A crucial part of problem solving is to enthuse all those involved to be innovative to help move forward more quickly and effectively. This workshop helps people to escape from their usual pre-conceived ideas and resistance to ‘change’ by exploring lateral thinking techniques and paradigms.


This course will include coverage on:

  • Can someone be trained to be innovative
  • Lean how to solve issues / problems that stop an innovative idea becoming a reality
  • Learn different ways of solving difficult problems
  • Learn ‘step by step’ techniques, tools and pratical solutions to business, logistics and people problems techniques for finding pratical solutions to innovative ideas


Delegates learn techniques for maximising the potential and release that latent talent.

Who Should Attend

Those involved with finding new ways to provide solutions to problems.

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