Improving Margins and Surplus


Your organisations is continually striving to achieve higher performance standards to improve the margins. This workshop provides delegates with a greater understanding of latest business techniques to develop a strategy that can benefit operations effectiveness.


This course will include coverage on:

  • An understanding of the issues that affect margins and effective processes
  • The importance of key ratios and performance indicators (PI’s) to identify areas that would benefit from ‘change’,
  • Use practical tools and financial techniques for monitoring and control, Relating objectives to targets and budgets,
  • Identify trends more easily together with possible ‘leakages’ in order to improve margins and surplus,
  • Developing a practical operations action plan for improving financial performance through effective delegation, monitoring, teamwork, accountability and ownership,
  • How to evaluate an initiative/ capital investment with potential for improvement in efficiency and profit- risk analysis and ROI


Delegates will obtain a greater appreciation of how to implement initiatives that can increase efficiency and identify financial ‘leaks’. Delegates will also be able to understand risk analysis and ROI.

Who Should Attend

Any senior manager or those working towards more responsibility within their environment.

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