Effective Communication


The success of any organisation relies heavily on the way it functions- its people and communication standards. The workshop is flexible as it progresses, depending on the issues that are raised and where delegates feel the focus is more appropriate and necessary.


This course will include coverage on:

  • The Communication Process - Conversations- structure & typical stages
  • Achieving more effective results- a checklist / tool for success
  • Handling difficult situations and people
  • Persuasion & negotia
  • tion
  • Horses for Courses!
  • Building Confidence - Basic Understanding of ‘Confidence’
  • Understanding yourself and your own strengths
  • Visualising and planning for action
  • Channelling Passion for personal improvement
  • Assertiveness:â—¦The art of saying ‘No’ without conflict
  • Being clear and confident whilst also gaining respect
  • Recognising behaviour in others
  • Effective closing with agreed actions


Outcomes will vary as the course will be tailered to your organisations needs.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who needs to effectivly communicate with people from collegues to customers.

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