All You Want To Know About Local Authority Finance - Scotland

In-House Training


This course provides a fully updated introduction and overview of Local Authority Finance in Scotland.


This course will include coverage on:

  • General Fund Expenditure and Income
  • Local Government Finance settlements
  • Revenue Support Grant, Business Rates, Budgets and Council Tax, Specific Grants
  • Financial Management
  • Capital Expenditure and how it is financed
  • Prudential Borrowing
  • Capital Receipts
  • Treasury Management
  • Asset Management
  • Private Finance Initiative
  • Education Finance
  • Social Work Finance
  • Transport Finance
  • Housing Revenue Account
  • Superannuation Fund
  • Collection Fund


Those who attend with gain an overview of the financing of local government and, as the course is always tailored to local circumstances, of their own local authority.

Who Should Attend

Those who require an overview and understanding of local government finance who may have some or no prior knowledge and want to know more including Councillers, non-financial managers and staff who are new to finance.

Adrian Waite presenting an in-house training session at Rochdale Boroughwide Housing

Our in-house training sessions are delivered at the client's premises or another venue arranged by the client.

All our in-house training sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual client. This includes using local data to illustrate the points and emphasising matters that are of interest locally.

Most of our in-house training sessions are for a day, but there are half-day and evening options available.

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For more information about in-house training or to arrange a session, please contact Adrian Waite at 017683-51498 or

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