Tenant Empowerment Programme

October 2012

This papersummarises the government’s 2012 proposals for the Tenant Empowerment Programme.

In September 2012 the then HousingMinister unveiled a new fund of £1.3million to give more power to communitiesover their social homes. Grant Shapps hopes the scheme will help to bring thepassion of the Olympic volunteers and last year's broom armies to localcommunities by giving housing association and council tenants a voice to leadchange in their area.

Mr Shapps said the Tenant EmpowermentProgramme would offer a "springboard for success" to communitiesacross the country that want to see their local needs reflected in the servicesthey receive.

This could be by helping tenants tolearn the skills they need to engage and negotiate confidently with theirlandlords; forming tenant panels to come together to demand the bestvalue-for-money services; or even to take control of local services themselvesif they feel that they could deliver more for less.

The Ministerhighlighted the benefits to landlords of getting their tenants involved, fromcommunity involvement in scrutinising new repairs contracts or tenants workingtogether with local authorities to tackle anti-social behaviour.

The Government invited applicationsby 8th October 2012 from eligible organisations for grant funding from theDepartment for Communities and Local Government to provide training and supportthat inspires social housing tenants to play a bigger role in their localcommunity by:

  • Settingup tenant panels;
  • Becomingempowered to engage with their landlord and;
  • Takingcontrol of local services.

The new programme to give socialtenants a voice to challenge local decisions is to be achieved through a budgetto support tenants’ panels and the tenant empowerment programme. Grants areavailable. The National Federation of Tenants’ Management Organisations hasbroadly welcomed the proposals.

For full briefing paper please click here.

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