Sustainable Housing Business Plans and the Efficiency Agenda - Publication

"Sustainable Housing Business Plans and the Efficiency Agenda" is a useful guide to how retention and arms length management organisation authorities can prepare sustainable housing revenue account business plans that meet the government’s "fit for purpose" criteria in the context of the "efficiency agenda".

The guide is designed for people with some knowledge of housing revenue account business plans and budgets and who want to improve the way they are tackling value for money issues. They need not be experts. Those who would find the guide relevant would include staff of local authorities and arms length management organisations that have responsibilities for housing management, housing finance, business planning or procurement. It will be of interest to those who are preparing for inspection and are wishing to achieve a good score on the audit commission’s test of value for money. It is relevant for elected members, members of boards of arms length management organisations, tenant representatives and staff of regional government offices with an interest in these matters.

What the Book covers:

  • "Fit for Purpose" Housing Revenue Account Business Planning that dovetails with the Housing Strategy and Asset Management Plan
  • Proactive preparation of the Housing Revenue Account Business Plan including the financial model
  • The Efficiency Agenda – Annual Efficiency Statements and Key Lines of Enquiry
  • Preparing for inspection and lessons learned by a three star arms length management organisation
  • What is good practice and what does the future hold?

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