Sheerwater Regeneration Project Moves Forward

Council seeks powers to move the Sheerwater Regeneration Project forward

Woking Borough Council is seeking Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) powers to bring forward the next phases of the Sheerwater Regeneration Project. 

The multi-million pound transformation of Sheerwater received the green light in April 2019 and work is well underway on the new leisure centre and first phase of residential housing. 

The phased redevelopment will deliver 1,142 high-quality homes creating a sustainable garden suburb in the centre of Sheerwater complete with new community facilities, public spaces, pocket parks and improved access to other parts of the borough. 

To bring forward the next phases of the project, the Council is seeking CPO powers to acquire the remaining land interests within the regeneration zone. 

Cllr David Bittleston, Leader of Woking Borough Council, said: “We have secured nearly all of the homes and properties earmarked for redevelopment via voluntary purchase, which is a fantastic achievement and quite unique for a project of this size.

“From the outset, through the Sheerwater Community Charter, we made clear the support and compensation available to those who engaged willingly with the process and we have stood by those commitments. 

“Now that the funding for the subsequent phases of the project has been approved, CPO powers will help us secure all the miscellaneous patches of land so that we can get on with delivering this long-awaited regeneration for the people of Sheerwater.”

In February 2020 members made a commitment to support the Council's CPO application, which will be formally presented at Full Council on Thursday 30 July.

Members of the public can watch the virtual meeting on demand via the Council’s webcasting facility at

A Map of Sheerwater.


Flats on Sheerwater

Woking Borough Council plans to transform Sheerwater through a regeneration scheme.

To contact the Independent Tenants Advisor, Adrian Waite, and his team, email or telephone the freephone helpline at 0800-321-3461.

Please note that this service is only available to secure tenants of Woking Borough Council.

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