Scottish Local Authority Housing Finance

Webinar - Wednesday 25th January 2017 - starting at 2.00pm

This webinar gives an introduction and overview of local authority housing finance in Scotland and is fully up to date with all developments.

The webinar will answer the following questions:
  • What financial environment are Scottish local authorities working in?
  • How do the finances of Scottish local authority housing services work? (including income & expenditure accounts, rents & service charges and the financing of development programmes)
  • How is the development of new social housing funded?
  • What are the financial opportunities and threats facing Scottish local authority housing services?

This webinar is suitable for people who are not experts in local authority housing finance, but who need to understand the basics and achieve an overview of what is going on. It is suitable for councillors, housing managers, finance staff, tenant representatives, members of the finance team with limited experience and others who realise that an understanding of housing finance can place them at an advantage!

The presenter will be Adrian Waite who has experience in the finance of local authority housing in Scotland.

The webinar will start at 2.00pm and last for between 1½ and 2 hours.

Price: £40 plus VAT, total £48.

After the webinar attendees will be provided with a copy of the presentation used and a briefing paper.

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Information Note:

This webinar has now been held. If you would like to enquire when an update will be held, please contact Adrian Waite at or 017683-51498 or 07502-142658.

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