In-House Courses To Help Develop Personal Skills

These courses focus on issues relating to public organisations across the UK. We are able to adapt these courses to your organisation and the issues that are specifically faced by your organisation.

Commercial Awareness

This course leaves attendees more commercially aware and capable of making the most of new opportunities.

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The Essentials of Report Writing

This course will help attendees to write effective reports that will get the information to the intended readers clearly and effectively.

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Conflict Management and Resolution

The course helps attendees to identify and handle difficult situations quickly and effectively.

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Managing Meetings Effectively

This course is designed to help attendees to understand how to plan and manage meetings to ensure the effecitiveness of the sessions and to ensure that they can clearly present information for others to understand.

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Innovation and Problem Solving

This course helps teach attendees techniques for maximising the potential and release that latent talent.

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Effective Communication

This course is designed to help attendees to communicate more effectivly with others.

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Leadership and Motivation

The course will help delegates develop their leadership skills and improve their understanding of how to motivate and ensure their teams work more effectively.

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Motivating Peak Performance

The couse provides delegates with the ability to movivate themseleves and the team members they work with to boost performance.

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