Introduction to Service Charges in Social Housing


We are holding webinars entitled 'Introduction to Service Charges in Social Housing’ during May 2024. These webinars give an introduction and overview of this important subject and are fully up to date with all developments. They are suitable for people in England, Scotland and Wales; and for people in housing associations or local authorities.

There are three webinars:

  • Introduction to Service Charges - 14th May 2024 at 2.00pm
  • How to calculate and de-pool Service Charges - 20th May 2024 at 2.00pm
  • Service Charges, Housing Benefit, Universal Credit and Customer Service - 23rd May 2024 at 2.00pm

Each webinar will last about an hour and costs £40 plus value added tax (a total of £48).

These webinars are comprehensive and are designed for people who are not experts in service charges, but who need to understand the basics and achieve an overview of what is going on. They are suitable for councillors, board members, housing managers, tenant representatives, finance staff who have limited experience of local authority housing finance and others who realise that an understanding of service charges can place them at an advantage!

  • Introduction to Service Charges considers: service charges definitions and policies; differences in approach between housing associations and local authorities and in England, Scotland and Wales; Financial context of local authorities and housing associations; Regulatory requirements and Guidance; Service charges for revenue and capital costs; Service charges for tenants and leaseholders; Tenancies and Leases; Consultation and other requirements especially for leasehold charges for capital works; the impact of government rent & service charges policies; Loans, Reserve Accounts and Sinking Funds; role of Tribunals; VAT; Affordable housing and commercial units.
  • How to calculate and de-pool Service Charges considers what should go into a service charge; Calculation of direct costs; Calculation of indirect costs and overheads, including administration, staffing, housing support, utility costs, cleaning, equipment, grounds maintenance and voids; Depreciation and usage charges; Apportionment and allocation of costs; Designing-out service charges; Fixed and variable service charges; De-pooling service charges in local authorities and housing associations; Reviewing existing Service Charges; Value for money; Benchmarking; and Case Studies.
  • Service Charges, Housing Benefit, Universal Credit and Customer Service considers service charges that are eligible for housing benefit; Service charges that are not eligible for housing benefit - including the 2006 regulations; the impact of Universal Credit on service charges, maintaining the standard of accommodation, areas of communal use, basic communal services, tenant accommodation specific charges; Intensive Housing Management; Fair Access to Care Charges; Estate Charges; Responsive repairs; Tribunal decisions; Resident Involvement; and Good Practice.

All the webinars are fully up to date.

The presenter will be Adrian Waite, who is well known for his ability to explain complex financial matters clearly. To view his biography, please click here.

It is possible to ask questions during and after the webinar. Attendees will receive a copy of the presentation used, a very useful briefing paper and a CPD Certificate. A recording of the webinar is also available after it is completed.

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