Infrastructure and Housing

In the Spending Review of 2013, George Osborne offset £11.5billion worth of cuts with a major sweetener of £100billion of infrastructure investment.

The details of the infrastructure investment were given in a statement by Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander. Mr Alexander announced that the government was putting ‘long term priorities before short term political pressures’, he unveiled grand spending plans for Britain’s railways, roads, communications and energy infrastructure, and affordable homes. However, as both the Labour frontbench and the British Chambers of Commerce have said, these are long-term priorities with the emphasis on long.

Details of the government’s plans are included in their document ‘Investing in Britain’s Future’ that was also released on 27th June 2013.

This briefing paper summarises and analyses the announcement, its implications for housing and local government and reactions to it. A copy can be freely downloaded from HERE

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