Housing Development Finance for Local Authorities

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Local Authorities are now playing an increased role in the development of new housing. This includes building new council homes, building homes of various tenures through local housing companies and facilitating the building of new homes by housing associations and private developers.

In this context, councillors and council staff with responsibilities for the management of housing - either at strategic level or the management of the council's own homes - will benefit from gaining a working knowledge of development finance.


The course aims to provide participants with a working knowledge of the context in which local authorities are operating, how local authority development can be financed, how development is financed by housing associations and private developers, the costs and benefits of a new buiold scheme and how to appraise them, what delivery vehicles can be used and what opportunities and risks exist.


What is the context in which councils are developing new council housing?

The ‘Housing Crisis’ – changing demographics, limited supply and lack of affordability; the ‘history’ of council house building; Local authorities and ‘Let’s Get Building’; how development has been financed in Enfield to date; the need to ‘boost’ construction; the impact of ‘right to buy’; the impact of 1% annual rent reductions; the impact of welfare reform; the impact of the raising of the housing revenue account borrowing cap.

How can new council housing be financed?

Affordable Housing Programmes of the Greater London Authority and their conditions; Prudential Borrowing; Obtaining long-term finance including bonds; Revenue Contributions to Capital Outlay; Capital Receipts including from regeneration schemes, ‘right to buy’; Contributions from third parties; Cross-subsidisation between social, affordable, shared-ownership and market homes.

How is housing development financed in the housing association and private sectors?

The costs and benefits of a new build scheme. How to appraise a new build project?

New Build schemes; Regeneration schemes; Extra-care elderly schemes; Investment appraisals; Asset Management; Risk Management; Designing schemes for low costs in use (including service charges); Value for Money and Procurement; Use of land and other assets to support investment; How housing contributes to economic development, training and apprenticeships; Return on investment and social return on investment; Integrating ‘new build’ into housing business plans.

What delivery vehicles can be used? What opportunities may exist in the future?

Developing outside the housing revenue account; Using general fund resources; Special purpose vehicles including arms’ length companies; Partnership working; Case studies; Options for increased freedoms and flexibilities; Longer-term options for debt and economic management.


Participants will gain an understanding of development finance for local authority housing.

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for

  • Senior staff in local authorities, ALMOs and TMOs; managers, finance staff and others involved in housing development.
  • Elected members and Board or committee members who wish to inform their strategic approach to housing development.

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Adrian Waite presenting an in-house training session at Rochdale Boroughwide Housing

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