Department for Communities & Local Government – Business Plan 2011-15

Briefing Paper

February 2011

Communities & Local Government published its business plan for 2011 to 2015 in November 2010. Their business plan in summarised in this briefing paper.

The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government has given the Department for Communities and Local Government a leading role in setting the agenda for Decentralisation and Localism. This will be an important role in delivering the government’s promise of their ‘Big Society’.

The aim of the Department for Communities and Local Government is to make a radical redistribution of power and funding from government to local people to deliver what they want for their communities and in turn to transform the public services within those communities.

The framework to achieve this has been laid out by the Department for Communities and Local Government, this is for government to decentralise by removing central burdens empowering people to take action, letting local people control public spending, breaking apart monopolies, making public bodies and services transparent, and strengthening accountability.

The government states that this change will make local decisions a normal part of everyday life, giving communities, neighbourhoods, and individuals more of a say and more choice within their own communities.

The Department for Communities and Local Government state that they will decentralise power as far as they possibly can with the effect of turning government upside down and inside out. The coalition government believe that Localism isn’t simply about giving power back to Local Government.

The government will attempt to push power downwards and outwards to the lowest possible level so that power is held by local people within their own neighbourhoods and communities.

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