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Sheerwater - Woking Borough Council

In December 2017, the Council wrote to all Secure Council Tenants asking their views on proposals to change their tenancy agreements. They asked their views on the length of tenancy, rent levels and proposals to replace the Right to Buy with a cash incentive scheme to help tenants to buy a home in the future, known as the Earn Your Deposit Scheme.

The questionnaire was sent to 360 secure tenants. 125 responses were received, representing a 35% response rate. The results of the consultation are outlined below:

  • Seven out of ten tenants said they understood how their tenancy was going to change.
  • From the list of options provided, 72% supported a fixed tenancy period of ten years.
  • 45% of tenants agreed that if the proposed new rent levels were like the ones already in place at Kingsmoor Park, they would be fair and reasonable for a new property in Woking. A further 31% disagreed while 24% responded ‘don’t know’.
  • On the proposal to increase rental levels by the consumer prices index plus 1%, 37% agreed this level of increase would be fair and reasonable for a new property in Woking, while 36% disagreed. A further responded 27% ‘don’t know’.
  • 29% believed the Earn Your Deposit Scheme could be a good idea for them and their household, whilst 29% also disagreed. A further 42% responded ‘don’t know’.
  • 37% thought the the Earn your Deposit Scheme would be a good idea for other tenants within the regeneration area, while only 13% disagreed and 50% responded “don’t know”.

Following the consultation, it was decided to offer tenants a different type of tenancy agreement called an Assured Shorthold Tenancy

A Map of Sheerwater.


Flats on Sheerwater

Woking Borough Council plans to transform Sheerwater through a regeneration scheme.

To contact the Independent Tenants Advisor, Adrian Waite, and his team, email or telephone the freephone helpline at 0800-321-3461.

Please note that this service is only available to secure tenants of Woking Borough Council.

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