Seminars 2018

The seminars for 2018 will retain the same high standards for which 'AWICS' is well known and will include some new and topical subjects.

The 2018 series of seminars are as follows. Further sessions will be added to the website as and when the dates and venues are confirmed:

All You Want to Know about Service Charges in Social Housing in Wales

  • Cardiff - 14th February 2018

Service charges are an integral part of landlords' work in financing value for money services and sustaining customer satisfaction. They have always been relatively complex but with increased financial challenges and legal and financial complexity there is an increased need to understand how service charging works. This seminar gives an introduction and overview to this important subject and is fully up to date with all developments.

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Other Seminars

Further information will be posted on our website as it becomes available and can be requested by emailing:


An AWICS seminar about to start at the Conference Centre at the Novotel Hotel (Waterloo) in London.

To make enquiries about seminars please contact us at or 017683-51498.

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